Specialty Data Aggregation & Reporting

Do you truly understand your patient? Biopharma invests millions of dollars to ensure that patients get access to specialty medications – across Specialty Pharmacies, Patient Services, Market Access & Reimbursement, Nurse and Medical Services, CoPay services, and Patient Assistance Programs. ProMetrics has deep expertise in integrating patient level data across all these channels.  We deliver actionable insights that help identify obstacles to drug adoption and adherence, and improve brand performance.

Patient Analytics

The list of patient data sources is exploding.  While millions of dollars are spent acquiring these data sets – insights are what drive important decisions.  ProMetrics has sophisticated techniques to link patient records across various data sets including EHR, Claims, Specialty Pharmacy and Patient Service hubs.  Our customers get a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of their patient journeys before and after getting on therapy, as well as co-morbidities, and even lab markers.   They use these insights to guide product strategy as well as to provide personalized patient experiences.

Patient Engagement AI

The healthcare system is very complex, with Payers, Providers, Physicians, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Specialty Pharmacies all playing a role in how the patient gets his or her medication.  ProMetrics offers sophisticated AI driven services that can help overcome obstacles with tools like intelligent Prior Authorization engines, patient Financial Burden prediction, and identification of a Specialty Pharmacy that can provide product quickly and conveniently.

Patient Master Data

Do you have a trusted, accurate and single source of truth for patient demographic data and their opt-ins/consents? Can you integrate your brand website, your marketing campaigns and other patient level data to get a seamless view of the patient journey?  ProMetrics has deep expertise in integrating, cleansing, de-duping and maintaining a single source of accurate, mastered patient and opt-in/consent information.

AI Driven Specialty
Channel Insights

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