Master Data Management

A Complex Ecosystem

The patient Master Data Management ecosystem has exploded. As a result, many biopharma companies use different vendors for each of their patient engagement touch points, and even disparate vendors for therapeutic areas or brands in the same channel.

This creates a highly fragmented view of the patient and muddled patient data.  As consents and opt-ins are now getting more specific to indication and even stage of patient journey, legal risks have to be managed. This creates a highly complex, manual and disjointed patient and consent master.

Our Solution

ProMetrics’ patient master data management cloud platform integrates and masters patients and their consents across biopharma channels, allowing rule-based configuration of mastering related to channel, vendor, therapeutic area and brand. Our cloud-based MDM solution is proven, and has the highest levels of security and HIPAA compliance.

Our customers enjoy accurate patient counts by channel, and have unparalleled visibility into the patient journey across channels. We are also proud to have developed best practices in the areas of stewardship, governance and data management for 20 years to ensure that your patient data remains your most strategic asset. We enrich and enhance your patient data with 3rd party and syndicated data sets to deliver unparalleled patient intelligence.

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