Patient Engagement AI

The New Standard In Patient Engagement

Only 70% of patients who are prescribed specialty brands eventually start therapy due to less than optimal patient engagement. They have to wait 10 days on average, experience challenges related to Prior Authorization, financial burden and prescription triage, and often face the possibility of not getting access to the medication they need. Once patients are on therapy they struggle to remain adherent due to financial challenges, complexity of treatment and side effects.

BioPharma has traditionally invested in patient services Hubs to deal with these challenges. While Hubs provide high-touch solutions, they have not historically demonstrated enough return on investment nor shown improvements in patient engagement.

New Insights

We provide in-the-moment and patient-specific insights and recommendations to proactively navigate market access and adherence challenges related to patient engagement.

  • Which specialty pharmacy can fill a patient’s prescription?

  • We help you navigate insurance plans’ restrictive networks so your patients are serviced by eligible specialty pharmacies instantly

  • What is the ‘true PA criteria’ for this insurance plan and is there enough evidence to support a successful PA?

  • Our algorithms can predict PA success upfront saving you time and resources.

ProMetrics’ Patient Engagement solution is a unique data driven AI powered suite of applications that complements specialty pharmacy’s and patient services Hub’s “one patient at a time approach”.

Our solution leverages large amounts of structured and unstructured information from our Patient 360 datasets and incorporates context-relevant business rules, ML and AI algorithms.

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