Traditional pharma programs have focused on creating disease and brand awareness and HCP marketing to maximize number of brand prescriptions but today, specialty BioPharma brands face greater challenges that require improved solutions. In addition to influencing number of prescriptions written they need to ensure that those prescriptions get converted into patients on product through enhanced patient services. There are significant access barriers and, to overcome them, BioPharma needs to create a perfect ecosystem.

Traditional Patient Services Approaches Are Insufficient

Patient Services

Specialty Brands Experience Lower Script Conversion Rates

Most BioPharmaceutical companies have invested in patient services programs to help patients get the best healthcare outcomes. However, the utilization and the ROI of these programs is not easy to calculate as the patient is truly multi-channel. In a world where the average annual patient services spend is $350, leaders are looking for innovative ways to increase engagement, improve patient access to medications and lower cost of healthcare.

BioPharma companies at the forefront of market access innovation are:

  • Breaking silos within their organizations and creating cross-functional teams across payer marketing, channel strategy, patient services and data analytics;
    Patient Services

    Innovative BioPharma Companies Use Data and Insights to Solve Problems

  • Leveraging data and insights from their specialty pharmacies, patient services Hub and copay programs;
  • Analyzing rejected claims to understand access challenges;
  • Coming up with specific solutions and a plan to test the results.
Patient Services

Example of Rejected Claims Analysis for our Client

Next Generation Patient Services Solutions Focus on Pull Through and Retention

The next generation of successful patient acquisition and engagement solutions will focus on the following:

  • Patient Identification: which patients, if prescribed, will truly benefit from the product and will meet formulary, step-edit and PA requirements. If this is done well it will result in greater qualified prescriptions;
  • Patient Conversion: how can we provide the right information and support to the practice, patient, Specialty Pharmacy and Payer to maximize pull-through, reduce time-to-fill and provide a superior brand experience. Since we are dealing with qualified prescriptions, script conversion target should be in the high 90% range;
  • Patient Retention: if patients get on the right therapy quicker they tend to stay longer still we will need to proactively identify patients at risk of non-adherence or discontinuation due to side effects, affordability or other issues and provide appropriate support.

At ProMetrics, we already have answers to some of these problems today. Our Patient Engagement solution is a unique data driven suite of applications that complements specialty pharmacy’s and patient services Hub’s “one patient at a time approach”. Our solution leverages large amounts of structured and unstructured information from our Patient 360 datasets and incorporates context-relevant business rules, ML and AI algorithms.